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LEDSON LED Visor Marker to Suit Scania S - White

LEDSON LED Visor Marker to Suit Scania S - White

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OptoLine S+ has selectable xenon white or yellow-orange light for Scania's sun visor. Connection: Connect for white light, yellow cable is then connected for yellow-orange light. Thanks to a delayed rebound of the light, it is possible to use this function for indicators or strobe lights.

When orange lights up, white will go out and when orange goes out, the light will be off for about 1-1.5 seconds and then light up again in white. The function with delayed re-ignition of white light allows you to connect e.g. indicators or strobes without the white light turning on between the flashes.



  • Available with xenon white, yellow/orange or selectable xenon white & yellow-orange
  • E-marked (E6 0831) - applies to the xenon white 
  • DOT SAE P2 17
  • 12 pcs LED
  • IP67 (water / dust proof)
  • Fits the Scania P / G / R / T and 4 series with original cable connection
  • Additional connector is available with item no. 540045
  • For 24 V

Measures & weight:

  • Width: 181 mm
  • Height: 43 mm
  • Depth (without contacts): 25 mm
  • Depth (with contacts): 48 mm
  • Weight: 134g
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